Legal and hospitality? That is such a weird combination

Why do I have extensive knowledge in legal and hospitality?  That is such a weird combination.

Well here’s a the brief version of the story…

I began working with Law Offices of Daniel S. Carusi, P.A. in 2004 when I came back from11401281_10102022739471288_1473005953178630173_n
the beginning of my culinary training in Florence Italy. Working with Mr. Carusi was supposed to be temporary. After a little over a year I decided to enroll in culinary school in Ft. Lauderdale and remained working for Mr. Carusi part time for several years because the catering company I worked for was obviously very seasonal and not very consistent.

I moved to Boston and became a chef working in a large catering company and a running kitchens in few tasteful restaurants near the city.

After a car accident, because of the snow, I decided that I missed palm trees and beaches. So, in 2012 I moved back to South Florida where I began to work for Mr. Carusi again. I also opened a small weekend panini shop/catering company and the farmer’s market with my mom and chef brother. We couldn’t handle 2 full time jobs and ultimately had to choosesnapchat-1060411745966603787 the job that pays our bills so we temporarily closed Via Panini until further notice.

I became a notary public in 2014 because it is very useful and pretty much a necessity when you’re a legal assistant.